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The Mission of Christ Church

 An image of the diversity and beauty of the human family, the people of Christ Church represent many walks of life, live and work in communities throughout the region, and come originally from more then twenty nations around the globe. We make our spiritual home in a building of great beauty and history, a place of spiritual refreshment and hospitality in the center of Hackensack.

Worshipping in the richness of the Anglican tradition, we are strengthened to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as we go forth into the world. The weekly focus of our life is the Sunday Eucharist. We have a long history of reaching out to people in need, and of initiating programs which continue to be a source of change and hope in our community. We encourage personal involvement in these efforts, and are committed to finding new ways to respond to our neighbors.

We are given to mutual support, learning, and nurture. We sense a particular calling to be an accepting and affirming congregation for people of different races, cultures, sexual orientations, abilities and resources.

We strive to discern God's call to us in a rapidly changing world. Even as we seek to be responsible stewards of the treasures entrusted to us, we dare to dream and take risks as we trust in the guidance of the Spirit.

Adopted by the Vestry November 21, 1995

Christ Church Episcopal    251 State St. : Hackensack, NJ 07601     (201) 342-2365